Bolton Wanderers vs. The Arsenal. - A Gooner's Opinion.

And it's Arsenallllllllll, Arsenal FC! We're by far the greatest team! We will never win a thing! AND IT'S ARSENALLLLLLL!

That was just one of the many priceless mockeries made of The Arsenal to have appeared on the Twitterverse at half time last night. While I thank my stars that song didn't make its way into The Emirates, I couldn't help but feel resigned and helpless. That could be true. That could bloody well be true!

But we came back with such light and thunder to clinch what was only our third win in seven games. Light and thunder. Yes. Okay well, maybe. Pure and precise football and three quick fire goals were merely wallpapers that covered the cracks in our team.

The Reebok Stadium on Wednesday. I'm always nervous when it comes to this fixture. Flashbacks of Stelios Giannakopoulos' goals and Anelka's humdinger mar the biblical comeback (2-3) win at The Reebok for Arsenal. Very uncomfortable place to go to, still.

The positives from last night that carry on to Wednesday would the comeback of Bacary Sagna (he's got dodgy hair, but we don't care!), Arteta's recovery from an illness, another scintillating performance from The Ox and then the obvious confidence from the win.

I fully expect Bac to make his first start since the broken foot 3 months ago. A proper full-back from the first-team at last! Szczesny ought to be regaining his place in goal after Fabianski took over against Villa because of... Well I don't know. Half expecting The Ox to be rested in place for Arshavin. Oh dear, not Arshavin... Short on confidence, short on game time, and just short, really.

Szczesny - Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen - Song, Ramsey, Arteta - Arshavin, van Persie, Walcott

We could be up against new signings Tim Ream and Wilfried Zaha, should the latter's deal be completed in time. Not gonna pretend to know much about the Missourian but he won't be no Gary Cahill, whose departure has to be a huge loss to The Wanderers. Zaha looks like a handful, does he not? A bit clumsy for my liking, but he'll be keeping Per Mertesacker on his toes as long as the ball's on the ground.

I do think we've got the quality to go out and grab all 3 points. Sagna and Koscielny should be having Petrov and Klasnic in their back pockets respectively, and David N'Gog... Well he's David N'Gog. That was said in more expectation than hope.

A center midfield of Mark Davies and Reo-Coker is no match for that of Song, Ramsey and Arteta, who has been missed so much over the past few games. There's a sense of security with Mikel Arteta around. His elegance in controlling the ball, keeping possession and spraying passes is second to none in the league.

King Thierry, as much as I wish he gets the minutes and the goals in the reincarnation of his Arsenal career, should be coming off the bench again. Though I wouldn't complain one bit if he started in place of Andrey! Arsene did mention how Thierry is in shape to resume work down the left flank and alongside RVP.

I've made my squad predictions, and I aim to keep my good record of it going. Which team and which mentality shows up on Wednesday evening, though, my guess is as good as yours.

We need 4th spot, lads. We simply must get it. Show some balls. Show some urgency. Show some desire. Cuz I really do think that's what it'll come down to, this fixture. Desire. One team for Premier League football, and the other for the Champions League. Failure for either would be detrimental.

A tasty fixture with both teams playing direct football and playing for their lives. Sorry, Mark, but I think we'll nick it.


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