Kevin Davies tells sulking teammates to suck it up

Alex Livesey

Kevin Davies was more or less an ever-present in the Bolton Wanderers starting lineup until last season. When Bolton were struggling to stay in the top flight, Davies was dropped in hopes that (relative) transfer splash David Ngog would come good. Davies has once again proven his worth to the Trotters by scoring five goals so far this season, putting him second to Chris Eagles and his six goals.

With Dougie Freedman in charge of Bolton Wanderers, the manager has been tinkering to find his best possible XI. That has meant leaving out hot prospects and established starters. Some of the more, erm, outspoken ones have taken to Twitter and other outlets to voice their displeasure. Kevin Davies, the club captain, has decided to speak up against it in the Bolton News and tell his men to stop hanging their heads:

"Everyone wants to play. We have got a quality squad - Martin (Petrov) wasn't even in the squad - and people will be disappointed if they are not playing.

"But no one can afford to come in sulking. You dust yourself down and work hard because you could be in the following week.

"Players like Jay and Keith have been disappointed not to be playing, but you need to keep working and showing the right enthusiasm on the training ground.

"You wish everyone well. David (Ngog) deserved his chance when he came on against Cardiff, so I half expected not to play (against Blackpool). He took his chance and that's the way it was.

"Everyone should know the way we are trying to play now. If you come off the bench you are expected to know your job.

"There is huge emphasis on that. It is a team game not an individual sport.

"We are looking to come in this week and review the four games we've had so far. We have been asked to play a certain way and everyone has taken it on board. We have had enough time now.

"We've got to keep working hard on the training ground to make sure everyone knows their own role and jobs. If you do that then it helps the team."

There is frustration around the Reebok and Davies is the first to admit it. However, SKD believes that the discontent should not be about places in the lineup but rather about the team's inability to pick up wins. Bolton have drawn three straight games, four of their last six, and only won once in that same stretch.

"Players are asked to do a job and the manager stresses that whoever is asked to play in that position, you are expected to know your role.

"Everyone is asked to pay attention. You are expected to do a professional job.

"Frustrated is probably a word that is appropriate at the minute. We are disappointed to concede again, like last week, but we have got to pick ourselves up.

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