Tim Ream: Bolton moving forward under Dougie Freedman

David Rogers

Tim Ream has not had much time on the field thus far this season. The emergence of Zat Knight, Matt Mills, and Sam Ricketts as the team's first choice center backs has seen Ream relegated to the bench (or not even be named to the matchday squad). Ream, however, is confident that he'll see time soon.

In an interview with Andy Schreur of Yanks Abroad, Ream discussed the difficulty he has personally had in transitioning from Owen Coyle's management to Dougie Freedman's:

"That was probably one of the most stressful times in my entire life.

"I think it's the not knowing of who's going to come in and what their style is going to be and whether you're going to be on the radar and if they're going to like the way you play, it was really difficult.

"Obviously, it's frustrating to not be playing, but, you know, I've had a few conversations with the staff and I'm knocking on the door to get playing time," Ream said. "It's just a matter of continuing to put your head down and continue to work hard and do the stuff the staff is asking you to do. They've told me that I'm knocking on the door to get minutes coming up here."

Ream also said that he accepts that his future at Bolton Wanderers may not be in the center of defense. Against Manchester City and Tottenham last season, Ream slotted into the team in a defensive midfield position, something that he has done in the past:

"It's a position I'm not 100% comfortable with but I've played there. I played there in college and last year against Man City and Tottenham. They pulled me in the next day [after the reserve match] and said I did really, really well and that's where they see me playing."

For Bolton fans, the transition of a centerback who isn't very really built for the English game to a defensive midfielder is nothing new. One of Bolton's cult heroes did the same exact thing when he moved to England. Who, you may ask? Why, Ivan Campo of course.

Yet, the most refreshing part of Tim Ream's interview with Yanks Abroad was the progress that he is personally seeing in Bolton Wanderers under Dougie Freedman:

"I think from top to bottom the team's fitness has improved,

"Even guys, like myself, who haven't been playing every game week in and week out, we all feel more prepared going into a weekend and into a game in case we are called upon to contribute and that we are game ready."

Be sure to read the rest of the interview here.

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