A Look At The Fixtures That Lie Ahead

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 18: Bolton fans sing during the FA Cup fifth round match between Millwall and Bolton Wanderers at The Den on February 18, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

Ladies and gentlemen, it's crunch time. Bolton Wanderers have just eight games left on their schedule while every other team below them has one less. As things stand, Bolton are currently in 16th place on 29 points.

Queens Park Rangers, Blackburn Rovers, and Wigan Athletic occupy 17-19th places, in that order, but are tied on 28 points with goal differential the separating factor. Wolverhampton Wanderers sit dead last and are six points below their nearest rival. While Aston Villa hasn't had much of a shout in terms of relegation, they are slowly creeping in there as they sit in 15th place on 33 points, just four above Bolton.

Hit the jump for analysis and a comparison table:

Of the top eight teams in the table, Bolton only have two left to play this season as they look forward to taking on Newcastle and Tottenham before season's end. Comparatively, Blackburn have three left to play, Wigan with four, Wolves with three, QPR with four, and Aston Villa with two.

Out of the bottom six, Bolton only have Aston Villa left to play while the remaining candidates (except for QPR at 0 and Wolves at 1) each have multiple opportunities to take points from their fellow neighbors at the bottom.

Finally, Bolton are tied with Aston Villa in terms of number of games left to play at home with four of eight. Blackburn, Wigan, Wolves, and QPR each face three games at home and four on the road.

Taking a look, we hope Bolton take their chances and the teams at the top of the table stop losing games they should be easily in control of when playing our relegation rivals.


Bolton Wanderers Blackburn Wigan Wolves QPR Aston Villa

Fulham (H)

West Brom(A) Chelsea (A) Stoke (A) Manchester United (A) Liverpool (A)
Newcastle (A) Liverpool (H) Manchester United (H) Arsenal (H) Swansea (H) Stoke (H)
Swansea (H) Swansea City (A) Arsenal (A) Sunderland (A) WBA (A) Manchester United (A)
Aston Villa (A) Norwich City (H) Fulham (A) Manchester City (H) Tottenham (H) Sunderland (H)
Sunderland (A) Tottenham (A) Newcastle (H) Swansea (A) Chelsea (A) Bolton (H)
Tottenham (H) Wigan (H) Blackburn (A) Everton (H) Stoke City (H) WBA (A)
West Brom (H) Chelsea (A) Wolverhampton (H) Wigan (A) Manchester City (A) Tottenham (H)
Stoke City (A) Norwich (A)
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