Bolton v Sheffield Wednesday: Immediate Reaction

Tony Marshall

After our very first win, will things finally start looking up or is it time to go back to the way things used to be?

If Bolton Wanderers had a heart monitor, it might have gone a bit flat during this match. Of course, there was that high peak where Jermaine Beckford scored in the beginning, followed by that horribly embarrassing plunge when Alex Baptiste scored past his own goalkeeper.

And then, we kinda just went flat. Sheffield Wednesday were in control for the most part and I felt that sinking realization again. You know, the one where it seems like the squad have no clue what's going on and they just run after the ball?

I really thought things would change after we'd won. Maybe that week long break fogged up their memories?

Focusing on the good bits though, I'm glad to see we can score (even if it's in the wrong net), means we're making improvements right? Right. (I hope.) There used to be a time where a draw was enough for me, but now that we've won I don't want that anymore. I want solid wins against teams we should be handling easily, but that's dreaming, apparently.

It just didn't seem like we were moving the ball around enough, which has been an issue for us this past season. For the time he was on, Liam Feeney, who I think could help us out a lot before ultimately (hopefully not though) returning to Millwall was dead quiet because we were unable to get him the ball. But it wasn't even just Feeney that was missing, it was everyone (apart from David Ngog). It's just this constant cycle with the Wanderers, one that we seem to be stuck in forever. We can't get the ball moving enough for it to actually reach our lone striker, there's always a scrambled mess when we DO take a shot because everyone starts freaking out, and our defense, although better, is scoring on itself.

It's frustrating, on one hand, that we seemed to be making improvements each week and we kinda just died today. I wanted a continuing improvement, not a one win wonder. I mean, we were meant to be the team to win the league, and every game is some sort of struggle for us.

And I feel like I write this every week but something needs to change. We sort our offense, our defense is horrid; we sort our defense, our goalkeeping is atrocious; we sort the goalkeeping (kinda) and our offense can't score even if the net was 5 times the standard size.

There's no winning for Bolton Wanderers, literally.

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