Kevin Davies testimonial talks to resume following Preston North End deal

One more song? The Allardyce era re-union for Whites fans - Michael Steele

The former Whites captain has suggested that a testimonial could be staged at the Reebok in next year's pre-season preparations. Bolton fans could also be treated to some old familiar faces.

There was some furor back in March when the Bolton Wanderers announced that Kevin Davies was leaving the club at the end of the season. This outcry was not due to the fact the White's idol and leader of the front line for 10 years was leaving, it was due to the media circus that arose surrounding the possibility of a testimonial, or indeed no testimonial, for Davies.

Despite the attempts of some people in the media to create news, the club were relatively quick to press that a testimonial request would be considered from Davies, as is their protocol on the matter. This left a sour taste in the mouth for many fans, upset that their hero Davies saw fit to discuss the matter publicly. SKD has taken some steps to resolve the matter and told The Bolton News:

"I loved every minute of being at the club for 10 years, barring the last few weeks. Once I retire, I'll look back at some of the great memories I had at the Reebok, so of course, I wish everyone well there."

Everyone seems happy again and after the teary-eyed send off of a man who epitomizes perhaps the greatest years the club will ever experience. However, the matter regarding the testimonial still remains.

Speaking with The Bolton News, SKD suggested that perhaps the game will be part of Wanderer's pre-season preparations next season, quite similar to that of Jussi Jaaskelainen, who incorporated his celebrations into a pre-season game with Hibernian.

Davies has also suggested that the Wanderers fan's could well be treated to seeing some faces that defined an era:

"I've mentioned before that I'd like to get some of the old boys back and it would be nice if that could happen next year."

This could be an opportunity for Wanderers fans to bask in previous success & could be an excellent way for fans to also pay tribute to Ivan Campo who left on such disappointing terms. He has expressed his interest to be involved via Twitter:

Despite the drama of March I feel that most Wanderers fan's would love to see this testimonial take place. SKD's work not just in the White & Navy of Bolton but also in the community through his well established charity KiD's of Bolton leaves him more than deserving of the adulation of the Whites' faithful one last time. I must admit, the thought of seeing Ivan running a mock in the Wanderers midfield one last time would be worth the ticket price alone.

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