Five Things: QPR 2 v 1 Bolton Wanderers

Charlie Crowhurst

Guest writer Skopelos Chris gives his thoughts on Wanderers' 2-1 defeat to 'Arry's boys

Guest writer Skopelos Chris attended the Tuesday night game at Loftus Road and has the following to say of the performance:

1) We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

We did OK in the first half, certainly as an away team up against one of the top teams.

We even arguably had the better of it.

But for all our keeping it tight and Craig Davies hitting the bar we conceded with QPR s first meaningful attempt on goal... And then their second too either side of half time.

2) We Are Aimless

We set up 451 but played so square we hardly gave Davies and later on the new unpronounceable one a sniff.

Passing was also poor.

We were slow and predictable in attack and gave QPR very little to worry about. We only really livened up and pushed at them a bit in the last 10 minutes - during which we scored, if by deflection.

Dougie take note. Football's about scoring goals and if you pass square for 80 minutes it's not going to happen.

3) The Manager's Post-Match Interview

Trust me. If Dougie says tomorrow that the performance was encouraging don't believe him.

Hayden White did well on his debut though.

4) Gallows humour.

Barbed sarcastic chants in the limp second half from our surprisingly sizeable and very vocal support included 'it's only 2-0, it's only 2-0, how sh*t must you be, it's only 2-0"!

'We're all going on a League One Tour' and, inevitably as Dougie subbed Craig Davies for the unpronounceable one in an amazingly tepid tactical response to being two nil down... ‘You don't know what you doing'.

I had to agree.

I found some very friendly folk at QPR,

Despite this I can't remember when I've seen so many police around a game, and being scanned and patted down on the way in.

You'd have thought Galatasaray were playing in Serbia or something.

5) Dougie's Future

So is that one win in seven now? This really isn't looking very good and I'm not convinced our Douglas is the one to change it.

The players don't look as if they know what they're doing, their heads drop too quickly.

However rubbish your players are ( and I don't actually think they are) it is the managers job to mobilise them to best effect and Douglas isn't doing it.

On today's evidence we have effort in plenty but not direction. We play as if we are scared and don't believe we have any potency. This needs to change.

I think Dougie may be a good general manager - someone who can visualise and possibly implement long term structural change. But I think his tactical reputation is based on luck - a Craig Dawson here, a Wilfred Zaha there to pep up an otherwise stale and negative approach to games.

The way we are going his luck may run out.

Can we afford that?

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