Bolton Wanderers 2013 year in review

Best goal?

I’ve had to cheat a bit here, because for me the best goal for Bolton of 2013 was Jan Gregus’ goal for the reserves/development squad/U21’s/whatever they’re called now. Eagles’ goal against Blackpool on the last day of the season wasn’t bad either.



Best goal you’ve celebrated?

Has to be Eagles’ goal against Blackburn in the last minute, and what made it better was that it seemed to be rolling into the goal at about 1mph which was obviously too powerful for the keeper. I’ve also never seen Eagles run as quick as he did in that celebration, nor will we ever again.

Best signing?

Craig Dawson, took his chance of first team football with both hands, feet, head, everything! Was our best player last season, but unfortunately we couldn’t keep him. I know Danns, Feeney and McNaughton were all very successful loan signing, all of which we didn’t expect, but Dawson showed us what we can do when we have a competent defender that can even bring out the best (if there is such a thing) of zat knight.

Best result / game?

The win against Sunderland in the FA Cup was my personal favourite of last season. I thought after we drew in the first game that we wouldn’t be able to match the performance in the replay. Oh how I was wrong. Sordell finally came off twitter, put his phone down and put us through to the next round.

Best save?

There’s not really one that I recall off the top of my head. Lonergan has made a few great saves since he’s been back in the team, but any save that stops the ball going in is important so sorry, I can’t pick one!

Moment of Madness?

Making Zat Knight the captain of this club! At the time it happened I tried to persuade myself it was the right choice, he is one of our team’s most "experienced" players after all and we didn’t really have another leader on the pitch anyway. But Knight proved that he wasn’t up for the job, by making mistakes and blaming other people. This moment of madness only came about by letting Kevin Davies leave though, another moment of madness but I won’t get into that.

Moment of genius?

Dougie’s moment of genius was making the triple loan signing of Danns, Feeney and McNaughton this season. They all brought something to the team that we were desperately missing. When we signed them it was quite underwhelming, they weren’t exciting names that we as Bolton fans would like to see. But all of them proved us wrong, and I would love to see Feeney back at Bolton hogging that right touchline and actually crossing a ball.

Unsung hero?

Tim Ream (kind of). I wanted to get him on here because he has been like a new signing for us this season. Last season he was pretty garbage to say the least. Whatever he has done I hope he passes it onto the rest of the team because he has been our standout player this year.

Funniest moment?

Zat Knight receiving the ball on the right wing against QPR, live on Sky Sports, with millions of people watching across the world (maybe), then did what he does best. Hoofs it aimlessly, which this time landed in row z.

Describe the past year in a word?


What does 2014 hold for Bolton Wanderers?

I’d like to think more positive things, but at this stage I would be content with a boring mid table finish, perhaps a good cup run, and then in the summer get rid of the deadwood from the team, bring in PERMANENT players that play like our loan players have. Then we’ll get our hopes up of promotion, only for it to end in more tears.

Is Dougie Freedman the right man?

Yes, and also I can’t think of anyone else that could this job at this time better than what Freedman is doing.

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