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Too Early For Davies Return?

Yes, yes it is. Kevin Davies has been out for the past six weeks due to a chipped bone in his foot. The effects of his absence have been easy to see to most supporters of the Whites. Davies adds a great option upfront, and with out him, the Wanderers form has slipped - putting them virtually out of competition for a top four spot. Davies is due to return soon, but the question is how soon.

Saturday sees the fifth placed Wanderers take on a tip-top Manchester United side at Old Trafford. Bolton face an uphill battle, but it would be a little less steep with the help of Davies upfront. Unfortunately according to Big Sam, it's probably a bit too soon to see Davies back in the line up as he "hasn't been able to kick a ball" in the time that he's been injured. Undoubtedly it would be too soon to see Davies back in. No need to jeopardize another injury facing an already tough match.

Although difficult, the Wanderers will look to put two recent defeats to Spurs and Blackburn behind them and do their best to collect at least a point from Man U. As much as I'd love to see the Whites take some points from the league leaders, and keep some distance between them and sixth place, I'm afraid it won't happen. Three - one to Manchester United. Hope I'm wrong.