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4-1! Again?

big-sam.jpgTo be honest, I don't think many Wanderers fans went into this game realistically believing that we'd win. Sure it would have been nice, and it was certainly a possibility if only ephemerally fleeting. A draw was much more realistic, but still, perhaps a bit of a pipe dream. Most of us had resigned ourselves to a loss, but hoped that it would be a bit less offensive than our recent handlings at the Riverside, and White Hart Lane. To my chagrin, it was not. If anything it was even more offensive.

We did it again. We lost four to one again. A few early goals from the opposition and we were shot. Scrambling around the pitch hoping not to let too many more go by in the remaining three-quarters of a game. In all three games, the goals came early on and proved to be too big of a mountain to climb. And in all three games it seemed that there was one essential player that destroyed our defense (Downing, Keane, Ronaldo).

Oddly enough as I told you the other day that Davies wouldn't make it due to his semi-recent injury, he started, and didn't prove to be much help to our cause as he was subbed out after only the fifty-second minute. For some reason unbeknown to anyone with the exception of Big Sam, Pedersen started the match but was replaced after only by twenty-eight minutes by El-Hadji Diouf. Was this some tactic to save Pederson some energy after the game had more-or-less already been lost? I don't know, but it doesn't make sense. Come on Sam.

Most of Man U's goals came from set pieces. Our set pieces. Their counter attacks. Aren't we supposed to be the ones that dominate set pieces? Aren't we a "set piece" team (aside from being a "long ball" team)? And they were our set pieces that Man U just swiped from us. Piss poor. Depressing. Yes, it's Manchester United. A very good Manchester United side, but four to one? Our set pieces? What's going on Sam? When are you going to get our boys together and turn this decrepit form of ours around? We're waiting.

Hopefully we can get a win on the thirty-first when we take on Sheffield United and keep a few points between us and sixth place.