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Three Points?

sam-neil.JPGThe Super Whites will meet Neil Warnock's Blades this weekend. One would think it would be an easy three points as fifth place takes on a side only four points clear of relegation, and realistically it probably should be relatively easy. Unfortunately, if you're a fan of Bolton you know that sometimes Big Sam and the boys feel bad for the bottom dwellers at the end of a season. We've seen it happen all too often. We're clearly the better team. We go in, and gift three points to a team that's shambles. It's really heart-wrenching.

The Blades have picked up one point in the past three games, and while this form is utter crap, the Whites haven't picked up any in the past three. It's actually a bit frightening going into this game. Six games ago there was talk of us with a chance of getting into European football. This idea has been scrambled and now we're hoping to hang on to UEFA Cup Footy. Poor. Absolutely piss poor.

We will have Kevin Davies back, and hopefully he'll be able to go a bit longer than he did against ManUre. We also hope to have Faye back from injury, however we will be without the great Ivan Campo. Campo picked up his tenth yellow card of the season, and consequently will miss this match against the Blades. On a lighter note, Hulse is out through injury. And let's face it. Hulse was fifty-percent of that team.

Bolton Wanderers 2 - 0 Sheffield United. El-Hadji Diouf, and Anelka are due.