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That Was A Close One

After eighty-minutes of no goals, it was getting a bit worrisome for Bolton supporters. Would we do it again? Would we give points to a lowly team that we should beat? Well, where as it might be the nice thing our mothers taught us to do, we didn't. It was Kevin Davies, the man who could only play fifty-odd minutes against ManUre, the man that supported the Blades as a child, the man that our style of play seems to be made for, who eventually netted for us.

Bolton dominated much of the game, but a few Sheffield United counter attacks sent hearts racing. Thankfully Davies came to the rescue with a blast into the bottom right corner.

We may have won, but we lost our skipper for the next two games. Nolan picked up his tenth foul of the season and will miss Wigan and Everton. He will join Campo - who is also serving a suspension - for tea and discuss their poor behavior when we take on Wigan at the JJB next weekend. Thankfully we got Faye back from injury who was able to fill in the middle where Campo likes to play. Faye showed a great effort, and a good amount of energy, something our midfield more than occasionally lacks. While it may seem that lacking Kevin Nolan may hurt us, perhaps in the end it is something that will help us. Big Sam doesn't like to introduce new players. For some reason, he loves to go with Pederson and keep the talent on the bench. With both Campo and Nolan out, perhaps the Iranian Andranik will get a well deserved start. And maybe, just maybe we'll even see the likes of Idan Tal actually on the pitch. We fans can look forward to this as a time that Sam is forced to try out some of his new talent. Unfortunately, he'll probably stick Pederson in somewhere he doesn't belong, and move players around. Before you know it, we'll have Anelka playing center back with El-Hadji Diouf.