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Right to business

Just a quick introduction first, my name is Mark and I'll be writing for you here at the Bolton Offside. I'm 19 years old, living in New York, and a Graphic Media Marketing major at RIT in Rochester. Enough on that though, on to business.

The new home kit:
Muamba and Elmander in the new kit
This kit has been getting a lot of harsh criticism, including being named a candidate for the ugliest 08/09 Premiership shirt. Personally, I don't mind the kit. I don't think its the worst thing that we've laid eyes on. If the designers at Reebok have committed a crime, its not that they made the shirt ugly, its that they made the shirt bland. Ugly shirts at least have character, something unforgettable. This shirt is forgettable at best, nothing spectacular. Its really nice to see the blue shorts back. I was never really a fan of all white kits even though I never really took offense to the way that Bolton had their all white uniforms, i just thought that it was time for a change. However, I absolutely cannot wait to see Elmander and Muamba playing in the new kit. I just hope that the away kit will be more outrageous. Perhaps like last season's kit. I really liked the black and turquoise design of the last kit.