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Bit more news from a few days ago

I'm just trying to catch this blog up a little bit on the recent Trotters news. Being a goalkeeper myself, I have the utmost respect for Jussi Jaaskelainen. He became one of my favorite players very quickly. Earlier in the year, there was much speculation that Jussi might leave the Reebok. According to Sky Sports back in June, a dozen Premiership clubs had inquired about Jussi's availability. Interest for the player extended far outside of England as there was also speculation that he could have left for Bayern Munich or Galatasaray. Five days ago, Jaaselainen signed a four year extension with the club which means that he will most likely finish out his career at the Reebok. Ricardo Gardner, our Jamaican fullback / midfielder who arrived at the Reebok Stadium in 1998 after a prominent showing in the 1998 World Cup for Jamaica, has also signed a contract extension with Bolton Wanderers. The 29 year old is on contract with the Trotters for at least another 3 years. Ricardo Gardner has 283 caps for the club while Jaaselainen has 345