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Who are our transfer targets: Simon Vukčević

Next on the transfer list is Simon Vukčević.
Who doesn't love a young midfielder? Simon Vukčević is a 22 year old attacking midfield who currently plays for Sporting Club Portugal. He's played one season for Sporting CP and in that season he earned 32 caps and 12 goals for Sporting CP in all competitions, a good ratio for anyone. Simon Vukčević was also nominated for a Best Young Player Award during the 2006/07 season. Vukčević has also earned 8 caps for his national side, 5 of which were earned when Serbia & Montenegro played together.

He is looking very good.

Here comes the problem with signing Vukčević: Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers are also very interested in his services. Each of the teams are offering about €6.3 million for Vukčević even though his contract contains a clause which states that the minimum amount that he would be released for is €20 million.