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Who is Johan Elmander

There has been almost no news in the past few days. The team have slapped a 3 million pound price tag on Abdoulaye Méïté. No big deal. He's obviously unfit to carry on as a Trotter if he can claim that he was injured enough to let 2 Man U goals go by. Other than the expected price tag, there has literally been zero information coming through the news wire.

Now, who is Johan Elmander?
£11 million is a club record for the Wanderers. Is this guy worth it? I sure hope so, £11 million is a lot of money for a club our size. At least this guy looks to be a much better player than Anelka. Looking at his stats, he produces a goal in 1/3 of his games. Nicolas Anelka has scored less goals in more games in the same amount of time at Bolton Wanderers and Chelsea. The thing that impresses me most about this guy is the heart that he has. He's strong, he'll run through players but he doesn't give up. I can't wait to see him play for us!