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Who is Fabrice Muamba?

Fabrice Muamba
He's young. Only 20 years old and he's earned 7 caps for the England U21 squad in the last year. Fabrice Muamba is our new defensive midfielder and he can fill in right where Ivan Campo left off. Campo spent 6 seasons at the Reebok and he was a welcome sight for just about every Trotters supporter over the years, but he got older and he got slower. Now comes in fab Fabrice to fill in.

Megson on Muamba:
"You need to have more than just a good engine - you need ability to compete in the Premier League. He has got that, but the exciting thing from our point of view is that he can get even better."

Its exciting to have young talent on our team, especially after seeing the way that another youngster by the name of Danny Guthrie played for us. Here's to hoping that Fabrice will bring some speed to the midfield, hopefully add a few goals to our tally, and bolster the defense.