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Bye Bye Dioufy, Hello Riga

El Hadji Diouf
is gone. He has to pass his medical and then hes officially with Sunderland. I liked Dioufy over the years that he played for the Trotters. Even though he only scored an average of 5 goals a season, he was exciting. You never knew when he would blow up in someone's face and then have a moment of sheer brilliance from the wing. Given that the medical goes well for El Hadji, Bolton are looking to receive £3.5 Million

Mustapha Riga is our new man. The 26 year old striker from Levante will be coming to Bolton for at least 3 years on a free transfer thanks to FIFA's Article 14 which allows a contract to be terminated if the player or team has just cause to do so. In Riga's case, the just cause comes from Levante not having payed the player his salary in 9 months. I don't know much about Riga because there really isn't much information on the player. I know that he is: 26 years old, a striker, born in Ghana, he has the same goal per season average as El-Hadji Diouf. I hope that he can produce more goals this season than Dioufy did. We just got a terribly underrated player.