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A day late but Bolton 3 Stoke 1

We don't really get Bolton on TV here unless FSC shows them playing Chelsea or Blackburn. I spent a good part of the first half looking for a stream online only to find one where the owner of the site kept switching between the Bolton match and the Hull match. Needless to say, he happened to switch during all 3 goals. I'm still jubilant over the fact that we started the season with a win.
I wish that I could've done a liveblog or even provided a good game analysis but unfortunately, I couldn't really watch the game.

However, here are some highlights

Really glad to see Elmander, Davies, and Steinsson get on the scoring list. The Steinsson goal was an absolute firecracker. Just wow. Bolton were down on possession by the end of the game but dominated the shooting aspect.

Great way to start the season boys