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A boring game and a big signing

We could have done a lot worse, a loss would not have helped our cause. But the game against West-Brom yesterday which ended in an extremely boring 0-0 showed just how badly we need balls in the back of the net. The trotters were par with WBA in just about every category.

This brings me to a slightly more optimistic bit of news. Racing Santander have loaned us their star Polish player, Ebi Smolarek. Ebi had a dismal campaign last year, netting only 4 times in 34 games but his count internationally is 13 goals in 34 games. During the Euro 08 qualifying stages, he scored 9 goals, leading Group A which had the likes of Portugal, Serbia, Finland, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belgium, and Azerbaijan. Here's to hoping that he can inspire play a little and get us some goals