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22 Years Old... international star, and he could be all ours for the price of 12 million pounds.

Transfer talk time!
It appears that the Trotters are in talks with Sporting Club Portugal to bring youngster Miguel Veloso to the Reebok. This is not going to be easy, however because we will have to break our own transfer record to even get Sporting to consider letting him go. In the summer of 2008, the Wanderers paid anywhere from £8 Milllion to £11 Million, depending on which report you look at. Veloso has a £12 million price tag on his head.

Another bit of information which may add to our difficulties, it is believed that Manchester City have matched our offer.

I'm a big fan of Megson's spending and I hope that we can land Veloso. Fancy footwork and he can place a shot.

In other news, Bolton have completed the signing of Mark Davies, our new 20 year old midfielder from another wandering club, Wolverhampton. Davies looks be a bright prospect and we have 4 and a half years with him to see how it pans out