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Bolton 3 - 2 Tottenham (Almost Deja Vu)

I didn't get a chance to see this game because there were absolutely no working internet streams available for this one so I'm going off of what I saw on ESPN Soccernet's Gamecast, reports, and highlight video.

From following this game on ESPN, I really thought it would be Blackburn all over again after Darren Bent had scored two goals in the span of minutes to level it for Tottenham. However, in his first game as our new skipper, Kevin Davies worked his magic against the big money Londoners with 2 great goals.

The Trotters had a huge number of chances that had gone wide before a well placed free kick that came off the foot of our new midfielder from Wolverhampton, Mark Davies, and off the head of new on loan defender from Zenit St. Petersburg, Sêbastian Puygrenier. Puygrenier picked up his first goal after 3 games as a Trotter. Mark Davies had a few chances at goal, mainly headers that went wide, but did well to create goals and move the ball.

Darren Bent had pegged two back for Tottenham which tied it up in the 74th minute. A number of tries later and Kevin Davies completed his brace in the 87th minute to give us a well deserved win after 3 games without 3 points.