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Naughty Naughty Chris!

Chris Evans, Megson's assistant manager, has been accused of tapping up Mark Connolly. The 17-year-old Irishman (or Irishboy) was in the Wolves academy (which Evans ran for 17 years before joining Megson in 2007) and signed for the Trotters on deadline day for £1m. Wolves have now issued a statement claiming that "unapproved communication" happened. Bolton acknowledged the claims made by Wolves, but had no comment. The FA has not taken any action yet on the matter. Personally I haven't been able to find an article on the matter other than the bare bones BBC article, so I don't really have an informed opinion, but the silence on Bolton's part does seem rather condemning doesn't it?

UPDATE: OK with a minimal amount of looking I have found other articles on the event (I was just being lazy before) but they didn't really provide me with any new information. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see