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Verdict on Meriem

Megson should be making a decision on the wonderfully named Camel Meriem soon. Meriem (or should I call him Camel?) arrived earlier this week (apparently in a "neat and tidy" condition) and the Ginger One said that he would decide near the end of the week what to do. Although I haven't been able to do much research on Meriem I do know he's 29, a Frenchman, and his first name's is Camel. I will look around more later. He's an attacking midfielder, and Megson is after him to replace Sean Davis, who unfortunately just underwent knee surgery. Quite honestly I hope we take him on, if only because I'm sure he will spark a bounty of amazing songs. I will write a little update post when Megson announces his decision, and I'll try and find a few highlights videos if possible.