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Carling Cup Exit

I was unable to watch the game today because I had to write a history essay (though the game probably would have been just as painful). I've just been reading some reports (as of now no video is out) and things don't look good do they? Even Gary Megson called us crap and he barely ever does that (even though we quite often are crap). A few preliminary thoughts (I'll do a better report later):

Are Kevin Davies and Jussi Jaaskelainen two of the four suffering from swine flu? Ali Al Habsi started in goal and was never replaced, unless Jussi picked up something in training that I'm unaware of I can't really think of another reason why he didn't start. Super Kev wasn't even on the bench. Any fool knows how important he is to Bolton. Megson waved away his absence with talk of stitches, but if I know Kevin Davies, he would let a couple (well five to be exact) of facial stitches stop him from playing against such quality of opposition. My guess is that both are/were sick and are saving up their energy for the game against Chelsea that actually matters this weekend.

Are Bolton slipping back into their Jekyll and Hyde skin again? After a fairly consistent October it appears that Bolton have crashed an burned again. Is this a sign that they'll go back to their on/off playing last season that infuriated me so?

It seems that two of Bolton's most promising players were left staring at their laces their whole game. Why on earth would the Ginger One leave Lee Chung-Yong and Tamir Cohen, both quality goal makers, on the bench at half time? Are they sick as well or his he resting them? Or is he just mad?

That's about all I have for now. A lot of questions. In case you couldn't tell I am feeling downcast about this game. Hopefully the highlights will give me something to smile about when I watch them. Report to come later. Also best of luck to Hilario who is undergoing tests after he was taken off for a concussion caused by a Matt Taylor ball from close range. I hope its not anything too serious.