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Chelsea 4-0 Bolton

florentmaloudascoresvbwfc_350x197I haven't been able to find highlights but I did find a video of all four goals. The emotionally unstable amongst us may not want to watch it as it's pretty depressing. As my father said the only positive thing to take away from that match is the fact that we can't do any worse on Saturday. Now I must say I didn't really expect a win, I don't think any Wanderer did, but 4-0? Really? We're better than that.

Bolton aren't the greatest of teams, and until quite recently they were horrible to watch. But in the last month or so our form has improved drastically. We didn't look like we had fought a relegation battle last season. We looked like a team that could maybe challenge for Europe. It was a little spooky. Well no worries for those who were scared, the pathetic football has returned.

I do realise I may be overreacting a bit, but anyone who has followed Bolton knows how hot and cold they go. This probably wasn't a blip in form it will come back again and again this season. While Megson has been able to produce moments of brilliance from an admittedly less than brilliant squad, his trouble has always been consistency. He may get them to perform well for a couple games, but then, like clockwork, they'll start looking like school boys again.

It shouldn't be forgotten that two key players were left out (Jussi Jaaskelainen and Kevin Davies). I have a little theory that they've caught the dreaded swine flu. Gary Megson excused Kev's absence with some story of stitches, but I sincerely doubt Kevin Davies would let something like facial stitches stop him from participating against such quality opposition. Whoever our four lucky players with swine flu are, get better soon.

I decided against dissecting the match (as you have probably realized), one it would be a lot of "Chelsea looked good whilst Bolton imploded around them", and two I can't find full highlights so it wouldn't be very informed anyway.

As Megson pointed out, they brought on a sub that was worth 28 mil, which is about as much as Bolton have spent in the past two years. In many ways a club like Bolton will never be able to compete with a club like Chelsea. They don't have the depth, quality, glamour, cohesion, and coaching that Chelsea are privy to. But they're worth more than a 4-0 shut out. We can only hope that the players go out on that pitch with something to prove.