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Bolton v. Chelsea OR Oh, It's You Again

Yes Kevin dear, you are number 1.

Yes Kevin dear, you are number 1.

Hello again, it seems as though I've been posting a lot lately, to match the Trotter's busy schedule. Chelsea will be paying us a visit this Saturday, a mere 72 hours after we saw them last. And trust me, I haven't missed them. Here's a link to the BBC's preview of the match. They're not overly optimistic for Bolton's plight.

Not only have Chelsea kept a clean sheet in their last three games, but they've also scored a total of 13 goals (which is about as much as Bolton's scored this season). There is no doubt that Chelsea are in terrifyingly good form right now.

Bolton will, however, have the aid of our goalkeeper and one of our top scorers (Super Kevin Davies). Rio Ferdinand called Davies one of the three toughest opponents he's ever played, citing his pure physicality.
And it's true, Kev is one tough bloke, he required 2 stitches above his left eye after the Manchester United game, but refused to come off the pitch, and then during the Everton game he needed 3 stitches above his right eye, and still refused to come off. As Gary Megson so kindly pointed out, he is an absolute model professional, on an off the pitch. It'll be good to have our skipper back.

Things will definitely look better for Bolton on Saturday, our injury list will be down to Joey O'Brien and Sean Davies, so our nearly full (albeit small) squad will be available, and hopefully rearing to go.

After Wednesday's disaster I am hoping that Wanderers will want their pride back. I hope they rise to the occasion and take this for what it is: a chance to play a quality game of football, not a chance for us to get our pants beaten off (again).