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News Round Up

Sorry I haven't been around lately, it's been a bit hectic over here recently. Luckily it was an international break and nothing much happened in my absence, but I now dutifully bring you what did.

As you may have read in TheSpoiler (highly recommended by the way), Darius Vassell, ex-Man City striker, has been experience a few bumps over in Turkey. First off he only scores 2 goals in 7 games (admittedly a far better record than our dear Elmander's), then he gets kicked out of his hotel because the club Ankaragucu failed to pay the bill. According to News of the World, he's eying a move back to England, perhaps to Bolton. Well you've got to feel sorry for the guy, things must be bad if Bolton is an escape.

Earlier in the week Phil Gartside, Bolton's chairmen, proposed once again two have the two Old Firm teams join our league, and make the Premiership two tiered. He was shot down, thankfully. I'll take my Premierhsip just how it is, thankyouverymuch!

Lastly some player news. We have a cute display of man love from our dearest captain Kevin Davies, backing his teammate Gary Cahill for an England cap:

“I think he can do that job, he will just have to bide his time a little bit because he’s one for the future. He’ll be hard for us to keep hold of somewhere down the line.”

As we all know by now, he didn't actually get to play. But still this is cute.
And our wayward striker Johan Elmander says he'll try to regain his Toulose form. Apparently even he thought he would never score a goal again.

"You hope it is in there somewhere but the longer you go there thinking you start wondering if it is ever going to come back."

You weren't alone love. I'm glad you're one your way back.

That's all for now, but stay tuned for, perhaps, another news round up, and a definite match preview!