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Bolton 0-2 Blackburn OR I Quit.

Ok so I'm not really quitting. But I am severely upset. Do you know Bolton's aggregate score form the last 4 games? Unfortunately for me it is burned into my retinas, the weak hearted may need to look away now. Bolton 1-15 Everyone Else. If you read my match preview, you knew that I actually thought we could get at least a point from the game. However I must have been suffering temporary amnesia and forgotten that I support the Bolton Wanderers and they never do as well as they should.

So this morning at 7:25 AM I wake up, don my Wanderers scarf and hat (my house doesn't have a heater), and attempt to make some coffee. The coffee goes poorly because I forget the crucial step of removing the old grounds, so I sit down in front of my computer at 7:30 with horrible coffee and try to begin to stream the game. But for some reason my internet wasn't working so after about 15 minutes of messing about I say "Fuck it" and go back to bed. I'm pretty sure God took out my internet to protect me in my near fetal state of delicacy in the mornings. Because watching that may have made me cry. Thanks God!

All theological theorizing aside, it really was a dismal performance by the Wanderers. I haven't been able to find highlights of the game yet (which is probably good for my mental health...) but I'm assured this by several other match reports. Matt Taylor missed a handful of chances and got booked for dissent, which is a stupid thing to get booked for. Not up to his standards.

And then there's the own goal. The third own goal Bolton have scored this season. With a Blackburn player at the edge of the box, Jussi charged out of his spot to go collect the ball. Sam Ricketts apparently was uninformed of this rather important development and a routine header back to the keeper turned into an own goal. I haven't seen the video yet but it sounds like one of the worst own goals of all time.

Big Sam was not able to watch the game due to impending surgery. But earlier in the week he ruffled some feathers, saying Bolton just wasn't ambitious enough for him. Well this game certainly appears to have proved his point. I hope you feel better Big Sam!

I'll update for this post later with highlights and more in depth comments about actual play. For now I'm going to go distract myself with the Scarlet Letter homework I have to do. Yes, that's how upset I am.