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News Round Up

Some pretty pedestrian stuff so far this week, perhaps everyone still in shock after our thrashing on Saturday. First of all a surprising statistic has been released: Bolton's attendances rose last season by 8%, one of only two clubs to see a rise in attendance. I don't know if you noticed but last season (and more so this current season) the Reebok has been looking strikingly empty. Perhaps it was just even emptier before that.

In the same report Burnden Leisure plc (Bolton's parent company) has announced a loss of £13.2mil for the past fiscal year. This rose from their losses the previous year by £5mil. Hopefully this won't affect the club too much, though it definitely isn't a good sign.

Also the American pop star Pink will be visiting the Reebok and giving a conecert (I told you the news was pedestrian!). So if you live in/around Bolton and like Pink be sure to get your tickets. The woman's completely mad (as evidenced here and here) So I suppose we should just all hope she doesn't tear up the pitch too much.

Anyway I should be back tomorrow doing the match preview. I'm not sure if I'll get the chance to do a report, as I'm flying to England on Friday and won't really have internet until I come back to the States (which is not a fixed date as of now).