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Aston Villa v. Bolton

7004013So this is probably the earliest I've ever done a match report (3 whole days in advance) and so I can't link you to the BBC statistics report. You'll just have to go find it yourself, it'll be on this page probably by Saturday. Like I said a little earlier, I'm going over to England and won't have internet until I get back (I'm staying at my grandmother's house and she doesn't allow any technology made after 1972 in), so don't expect any new posts from me until Tuesday at the earliest (there there love, don't pine, you can always go through my archives or go read some of my posts on England World Cup Blog if you miss me too much).

On to football, Aston Villa won't be easy opposition. They're 7 points ahead of us in the table however their last three results LDD. Just this past Wednesday they lost to West Ham, who we beat not so long ago. They've hit a bit of a rut in form, however their squad will be smarting from the defeat and will be welcoming Bolton with something to prove.

They probably won't be smarting as much as Bolton is coming off two straight defeats by a margin of 4-0 by a certain Chelsea F.C. As my father pointed out in his guest post, Davies and Elmander are really starting to work together nicely. Our midfield is also gelling quite well. Overall we're shaping up to be a rather good team and I think we have a decent chance against Aston Villa.

I'm hoping we at least get a draw, after all we will be away. So I know that was one of the worst, least in depth match previews I've done, but I have about a million other things to do so apologies! I'll be back as soon as possible, maybe I'll try to steal wireless from the neighbors or something in England and sneak a post in. Til then.