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Bolton 3-3 City (Report to Follow)

I've lowered my standard to the point where I celebrate a single point against a non-Big Four team, such is the life of a Bolton fan. Annnnyway many apologies for not getting the chance to write a match report, I participated in a "Family Day" yesterday (yes, it was exactly as fun as it sounds), so didn't get the chance. In any case quick summary: Bolton outplayed (at most times) a team who outplayed Chelsea recently, looked good, scored goals (!), and got a point. Incredibly satisfactory. It's being called an Instant Classic by most accounts, so go seek out highlights! I'm not sure when I'll be back, as I'm traveling to England and my internet access will be practically non-existent. Sorry for such a crappy post (I'm writing this as I'm about to leave for the airport) and I promise I'll be back sometime!