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Update on my Glamorous Life of Football Seeing

Alright this'll have to be a quick one as I'm borrowing a computer and am in dire need of a nap (hey I've had a full day of shopping and posh lunch eating! I'm tired!) Anyway I went to the sacred temple of football that is the Reebok stadium last night and saw the mighty Wanderers beat West Ham! This means my streak of never seeing Bolton lose at home is continued! It was a pretty good game, though it had a low attendance (a mere 17.000). I was sat on the end near all the West Ham supporters who had made the journey up from London. And it must be said West Ham have great support, even though there were only about 200 of tyhem they stood the whole time and sang for most of it (they grew a bit silent after the 3rd goal went in). And for once the Bolton fans were actually quite supportive, no doubt bouyed by the draw against Manchester City. I took some notes on the game but don't have time to turn them into an actual report (which I may or may not do later), suffice it to say it was a pretty good game with Bolton putting on a real team performance and dominating for long periods.

That's all for now but I will try and sneak onto a computer later, maybe I'll even have enough time to do a proper post! I'll be travelling over to Wigan this Saturday ao I'll have something to say about that eventually. I'm seriously considering getting a guest blogger for you though (I realise beginning to consider this after you've already left is poorplanning on my part...) so don't be too surprised if someone else begins posting.