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Bolton 3-3 Manchester City, a Belated Report

taylor, klasnic, cohenIf anyone can tell me what the hell is going on in this picture, I'd be much obliged
So we have quite a few things to get down to. First I need to do a recap for both the Manchester City and West Ham games, then I need to (briefly) touch on the West Ham game, and perhaps a little news-rounding-up is in order. I was going to do it all in one post but then I actually wrote enough about the City game to warrant a post so it will be in 3 separate posts. And they will be a bit scattered mostly due the the fact that I'm writing this at 3:00 AM because I can't sleep because of my father's snores (that's right dad, I went there, I've immortalized your horrendous snoring on my blog!). So after that rather lengthy introduction, let's get into it.

As always, here's a link to the highlights of the Manchester City match. It ended 3 all, which was probably a fair result. It is quite extraordinary how different some teams look on different days, this is a City which comprehensively outplayed Chelsea, who achieved margins of 4-0 against us Wanderers earlier in the season. Tevez was clearly the quality in his side, and it's pretty much down to him that City got a share of the points.

And yes, that first goal was offside, and yes, I did have a little mini-rant after the Fulham game about the amazing number of offside decisions that go unnoticed by the men in black, which I fully stand by. But this seems to be the universe's way of righting itself again, perhaps karma has begun to favor the Bolton Wanderers. Then again, perhaps not. City can rue their luck for this game because they had feisty little Craig Bellamy sent off, in a situation that was definitely his reputation getting booked.

For our Encouraging Point of the Match I think I'll cite the fact that Bolton took the lead 3 times. You know what you have to do to take the lead 3 times? You actually have to attack, something that the Wanderers have been rather lacking lately. Now all they need to do is stop losing the lead 3 times and we'll have a proper football team! A girl can dream right?

Now I think pretty much the whole of the footballing community is feeling sorry for a certain Mark Hughes, ex-boss of Manchester City. City's owners appear to be under the impression that if you fling cash about and get quality it will turn into a great football team overnight, which we all know isn't true. I think Hughes is a quality manager and needed more time to get the team to gel. However his sacking may prove fortuitous for us, as I can see him stepping in if Megson is given the sack.

Right that's this post done, I'll now move onto the West Ham game.