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News Round Up, We Have Some Chatty Wanderers

Hello again, as promised (and by promised I mean suggested) here is a news round up for this week. Nothing much concrete really happened, but there you are.

First of all two of our boys have been getting involved in the community. Tamir Cohen and Gretar Steinsson participated in the local Premier League 4 Sport launch. What on earth is that you ask? Well "It is part of an initiative between the Premier League and the Government to offer young people five hours of sport a week." Good for you boys!

As you may know our lovely Kevin Davies has been suspended after receiving his 5th yellow card against Fulham. He will be sitting on the bench this weekend but released a statement of encouragement to his fellow strikers. Especially a certain Croat who scored recently, Daives said:

“You can see in training that he’s pretty sharp in those situations. His touch and spin for the goal against Fulham was great...He’s pretty deadly in and around the box and a good finisher."

So Ivan please take that as express permission to go kick ass this weekend. Klasnic himself did mention the goal saying: "I was pleased with my goal, but it was more important that we got a result." Who can blame him, it was a lovely goal.

Moving right along, Megson has been telling us contradictory things. After claiming there was dissent in the dressing room, he's now saying that the team is full of unity. Well for the sake of everyone involved (including me!) I sincerely hope it's the latter.

Lastly we come to Jlloyd's little statement to the media. He becomes th next in a long line of Trotters to tell the fans to get their act together: "The fans more than ever have got to stay behind us." I completely agree, how is the team supposed to perform if no one is their to sing them on? Regardless of your views on Megson this is still your club, we fans might as well try and have a good time.

That's all for news but I do have a little something to add. I just got the stats for the month of November and Bolton Offside got nearly 1,000 page views! I'm quite surprised as I didn't realise people would want to read about Bolton 1,000 times, but I'm incredibly pleased. Now I'd just like you all to start commenting! I don't write this blog to be my little Bolton diary, I want this to be a place for reasonable discussion and banter, and I'd love to hear what you think about what I've got to say. Whether it be about my football opinion or just my style of writing, please do get stuck in!

So that's really it for now. I'll (probably) be back tomorrow for the preview of the match Saturday. Til then.