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Wolves 2-1 Bolton

elmander cahillYet another loss. We now sit in 19th place, having taken just 1 point from our last 5 games. ONE point. I can't even communicate how disappointed I am with our team right now. Losing to Spartak London is one thing, they spend probably 5 times what we do, but losing horribly to a newly promoted team? Teams like Wolves are the ones we need to be taking points off if we want to stay in the Premiership. Here's a link to highlights of the game if you have the stomach.

In our defense it is difficult to take a goal 3 minutes in. The goal, as you will see, is offside (about 3 Wolves players are offside) not by much, but enough. What angers me is that it was off a set piece the linesman didn't have to sprint to catch up with a counter attack all he had to do was place himself correctly before the ref blew his whistle. Refs and linesmen have difficult jobs, especially since millions of people review them on Youtube, and generally I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. But this was a set piece! He had loads of time to get himself in the proper position!

After I spent my last post complimenting the Bolton defense they decided to just not go to Molinuex. Alright that's a bit harsh, but too many times Wolves broke forward quickly and our back four was scurrying back far too late. We really were rather lucky not to concede more.

Wolves' luck with the officiating would not let up, just before half time Ricardo Gardner was clearly fouled on the edge of the box, but no free kick was awarded. This was Bolton's first convincing attack of the game and while the build up was nice, Klasnic's shot went right over the bar.

The Wanderers' form did pick up after halftime, but at 69 minutes Wolves' lead was doubled by a scorching strike from Milijas. It was undoubtedly a beautiful strike, but once again where was the defense? Milijas had acres of space, and was gifted the ball after the Wanderers couldn't keep possession. Quick lesson in winning football matches: in order to score you need to hang on to the ball! (Not literally, Thierry)

After several not-too-bad-I-guess efforts Elmander bundled in the ball in a goal mouth frenzy on the 79th minute, his 3rd goal in over a year. Generally I'm pretty patient with new signings, especially those form other leagues. It's hard to make big adjustments like that. But Elmander, who is our record signing at 12 mil might I remind you (he cost 4 million more than Anelka, our second highest), is a whole other story. He's supposed to be a striker, and you know what they do? They score goals! If someone could remind Johan of that I'd be much obliged.

The next ten minutes were busy at Molineux, with Bolton laying siege. An ineffectual siege, as Wolves didn't concede, went away with all 3 points, and leap frogged us in the table. Absolutely lovely. It must be said, despite the decisions that went against us, Wolves deserved the 3 points, as they were the top team for at least 80 minutes.

That being said I'm still pretty depressed by the whole affair. I find myself pretty depressed after each match, do in an effort to alleviate this and find the silver lining and other cliches, I'm introducing a new feature to my match reports. Welcome to the Encouraging Point of the Match. This week our focus is on Gary Megson. He made a daring substitution taking off Samuel (a defender) and putting on Elmander (a striker). This is a step away from the negative football Megson is known for, and definitely encourages a more attacking spirit. So thanks Gary Megson for providing our Encouraging Point of the Match.

Well that's about all I have for now and don't expect too much more from me this week. I have to take 7 tests (that's right, 7, envy me) this week so I will be quite busy studying and biting my nails. I'll try to sneak on for a News Round Up later in the week, but be warned, I might not be back until my match report! Til then.