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Carling Cup, West Ham Tie

Ah yes, it's that time again, Carling Cup third round. Click here to see the BBC's usual compendium of statistics of varying degrees of usefulness. Bolton will face West Ham at the Reebok, in what is arguably one of the most high profile ties for this round. It could also be seen as the Fallen From Grace Clubs tie. Both West Ham and Bolton used to be upper table sides, challenging for Europe (West Ham more recently, and they still have a chance of doing that this season). Bolton currently sit 17th in the Premiership table with just 4 points from 5 games. West Ham are 16th, only by the grace of their -1 goal difference, with also 4 point from 5 games. The injuries seem to favor Bolton, with Ricardo Gardner hopefully able to start, and West Ham's Matty Upson, who is an integral part of the flow of their team, out from their loss to Liverpool.

We could very well win this,and it would take a lot of pressure off Megson if we did. The home crowd has recently become volatile, so a good show would woo the booers back into silence (or productive singing). Gary Cahill and Megson have both mentioned the effect the booing has on the players, and although I have little to no respect for Megson, I have quite a bit for Cahill. Most Bolton fans like Cahill, he's a likable bloke, and I'm glad he's stepped into the leadership position saying (albeit rather passively) that it is having a negative effect on the players and needs to stop (alright I'm paraphrasing, he didn't use forceful language like that).

Unfortunately the whole match will be played while I'm in school (damn you 6 hour time difference!) but I'll be doing a lot of research/highlights watching and I'll bring you my opinion of the game afterward. Come on you Whites!