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News Round Up and Apology

So I appear to have jinxed myself by promising to be back on the 7th. Almost as soon as I got back, my computer decided to go through one of its angry--I'm-only-going-to-work-for-2-minutes-before-crashing periods again (I'm on a school computer right now). I will be sneaking on as much as possible, but the in depth on Owen Coyle probably won't be forthcoming.

There is, of course, the usual slew of transfer rumors, ranging from basically-done-deal to who-the-hell-came-up-with-that, but so far BWFC has only made one deal. Right back Nicky Hunt, who was out on loan to Birmngham last season, has been sold to Derby County on a one month deal. He hasn't made an appearance this season, so it's not a big loss.

However we have had a rather larger loss. Chris Evans, assistant manager and care-taker manager for one game has left the club. He doesn't really explain why, simply giving the obligatory thanks for all the support the club has given him, and expressing the desire to start "afresh". He served the club well as interim manager, his only result being a 4-0 win, albeit against Lincoln City. Best of luck to him.

In other news (ok this isn't exactly news) Owen Coyle has come out with an apology to Burnley/praise for Bolton. He claimed that he never told a lie (debatable) and came out with this laudatory statement:

"Everything I want in a football club is here. The best way to put it is that this is probably five or 10 years ahead of what we were trying to achieve at Burnley."

Well that's about all for now, hopefully I'll be back later in the week.