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Bolton v. Sheffield United

Right the FA Cup is back. Our last match, which I did not get to watch or report on, we won 4-0 against Lincoln City, while still under care-taker Evans. Now it's Coyle's third game in charge, the first two both being losses to Arsenal by a margin of 2 goals. Coyle has a lot of people wrong, a lot of people called his move a step backwards, and I'm sure he's out to prove them wrong.

Tomorrow's game brings Sheffield United to the Reebok. Those of you who spend way too much time thinking and researching football (I'm including myself in this category) will remember that our fearless leader, Kevin Davies, was from Sheffield, and they kept their eyes on him for a few years in his early teens, but decided he wasn't good enough. Well don't they feel silly now!

The Blades have had a good season, and sit 6th in the Championship, their last 6 games go something, well exactly, like this WWDWLD. They've conceded 1.3 goals a game, and scored 1.4 goals a game. Though Sheffield are in a lower division, they are just 7 places below Bolton. Make no mistake, this isn't going to be easy, though I suppose compared with our last two games it's not a nightmare either.

I doubt Coyle will field a second string side, he takes the Cup seriously, and the players could do with a morale boost. He almost certainly will change last weeks team (which was a 4-5-1 in an attempt to quiet that pesky Spaniard Fabregas) to Bolton's more usual 4-4-2. I reckon Ivan Klasnic, our fox in the box, will get the nod ahead of Elmander, and of course, Davies will partner him. This is a more effective goal scoring combination, as Super Kev can set up goals like no other, and Klasnic is deadly from that position.

As for our back four will remain the same, as they did rather well against the attacks from Arsenal. The midfield will in all likelihood contain Chung-Yong, but other than that I can't be sure, it's the place where Coyle's most likely to experiment and put in players who haven't gotten a chance to show him what they can do.

That's it for now, have a great weekend!