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Bolton v. Burnley

Sorry it completely slipped my mind to do a preview until I was idly checking NewsNow and saw how everyone and their dog has already done their preview. Oops. So, with kick-off in just about 4 hours, I'll churn one out quickly, along with my apologies.

Now, unless you've been hiding in a cave for the past month, you will know all of the drama behind this game. Just in case any of you have, I'll do a little catch-up session. On December 30, 2009, after fans had been calling for blood for months, Gary Megson was sacked by his BFF (well ex-BFF now) Phil Gartside. Then in early January Owen Coyle was snatched right from under Burnley's nose and appointed Bolton's manager. Burnley was not best pleased by this, with the outcry ranging from betrayal to cries that it's a step backwards.

Now just 18 days after that debacle the Burnley boys are traveling the 25 miles to the Reebok to face their ex-darling Owen Coyle. Ah yes, not only is this a Lancashire derby, but now there's bad blood between the clubs over Owen Coyle. The police have even given a warning that they will be on the look out for "anti-social and improper" behavior and that any spotted will be dealt with "positively, firmly, and robustly". Hear that everyone? They're getting robust.

As you may recall we faced Burnley fairly recently as well, in a Boxing Day Derby which ended 1-all. Burnley have a good base of a team, and in all likelihood won't get relegated, but they still haven't won under their new manager Brian Laws, including a mini-cupset against Reading.

Both teams have a lot to fight for, with a win Bolton rise about Burnley and out of the relegation zone. But Burnley have their pride to fight for. I can't write anymore now, but I'll be back with a news round up and a match report later!