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Bolton 1-0 Burnley OR So That's What a Clean Sheet Looks Like

jussi nugentThat right ladies and gents, it may have taken us all season, 2 managers, and 29 (that number's not quite right but it's damn close) games, but we did not let a single goal in over 90 minutes. That's right, not even one. I was beginning to think it impossible, but that Owen Coyle clearly knows what he's on about. And trust me, if you were expecting the Burnley fans to be a little bitter, then they didn't disappoint. Here's a link to the highlights in case you missed the match.

Bolton came out fighting, with a lovely ball through by Kevin Davies, which Muamba duly sent sailing over the bar. Gary Cahill also almost headed home off a Taylor corner, one of his specialties, but could quite make it to the ball, allowing Burnley to make a nervy clearance. Jussi Jaaskelainen, who hasn't been performing his best recently, blocked a Steven Fletcher shot straight at the feet of Chris Eagles. Eagles, fortunately, wasn't expecting this and scuffed the shot spectacularly. That, and a shot sent just wide of the post, were to be Burnley's best efforts.

At 35 minutes, Chung-Yong (who a certain Fox commentator kept calling Yung-Chong, which was really annoying as it's written on his bloody shirt) had a lovely burst of speed and picked up a Kevin Davies ball, which he hit against the cross bar. It bounced off the crossbar, into the goal, and then out again. Burnley called for it to be disallowed, but it did cross the goal line and was correctly ruled a goal.

There wasn't too much action after that, though Bolton had two close misses. The important thing is that for the most part they defended quite well. There were no huge mistakes (though really Eagles should have been marked, we'll just forget about that as it wasn't a goal). It wasn't exactly the prettiest game of football but it was 3 whole points, and brought us above 17th place for the first time since November.

That's all I have to say on that subject, but i'll be back later in the day with a News round Up and match preview! That's right 3 posts in one day! I'm spoiling you