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News Round Up: Fresh Blood, and Coyle Makes a Funny

Wa-hey! It looked like it wasn't happening after the two heated games against Arsenal, but the deal was signed this morning, and Jack Wilshere is coming to the Reebok. In other transfer news Bolton have also secured Vladimir Weiss and Stuart Holden. all of these transfers are excellent and they all have something that's currently not there at Bolton: youth, speed, and creativity. I've had my eye on Holden for a while, he puts in great crosses, and Davies and Klasnic could do with some service. Unfortunately he has a thigh injury and won't be able to play this Saturday, but we will have Wilshere and Weiss.

In more mundane news, several fixtures have been confirmed. We will be facing Wigan (Premiership) on Wednesday February 17th, and we will be facing Suprs/Leeds (FA Cup, subject to a replay) on Valentines Day (awww) at home. And lastly after the myriad accusations of being a Judas by Burnley, Owen Coyle comes out and hits them right back with another biblical reference.

"If they were going to get biblical it should probably have been Moses, because I was the one who led them from the wilderness,"

Good one Owen.