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Welcome Owen Coyle

0,,1004~8100946,00Well according to a Bolton News story posted 5 minutes ago Owen Coyle has been officially sworn in as Bolton manager. I'm pretty pissed off that I was internet-less during one of the most exciting things that has happened to Bolton this season, had I had access I would've been doing all sorts of posts about it, but I've only come back in time to report this.

I am pretty pleased by the appointment, though I feel bad for Burnley. Owen Coyle is a great manager, but I thought he would remain loyal to Burnley. If I had realised he would switch sides so easily than I would have campaigned for Megson's sacking earlier. I was honestly hoping for Hughes to come take over, as he'll definitely want to mend his legacy at some point, but Coyle is a great manager.

I'll do a more complete overview of my opinion on Coyle later this weekend, as the Sunderland game has been called off and I'll have the time. Meanwhile I'll leave you with a quote from the Bolton site, Owen Coyle says of his appointment:

"I'm absolutely delighted to be back at Bolton Wanderers. I look forward to the opportunity of bringing the good times back to the club for everyone."