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Wanderers at Wembley

cahillIt's quite clearly meant to be, just see how nice that alliteration sounds. It is apparent that Bolton is an unfashionable club. England managers would rather pick from Everton or Fulham if they leave the pantheon of the Big Four. Now this is at least partially my Northern-smaller-club paranoia, but I don't think it can be totally. Bolton, despite the ghost of Big Sam casting his (large) shadow over the Reebok, does play some nice football (sometimes), and does have some talented players. Today, Capello willing, our two England internationals will show everyone that Bolton isn't the club it was under Big Sam.

While I hesitate to be happy about any player's injuries, John Terry and Darren Bent's withdrawals from the squad have opened up great opportunities for Cahill and Kev. Rio Ferdinand is the obvious starter for the centre backs, and though Lescott is in front of Cahill (wrongly, I believe), Terry's absence makes Cahill one step closer to the caps he deserves. It is important that he gets caps early so that when our old guard really is too old, we have talented and experienced players waiting in the wings. Now, my original reaction to Davies' call up was overwhelmingly positive, however after sleeping on it a bit I do have some misgivings. This is supposed to be a rebuilding period for England and calling up a 33 year old débutante certainly isn't the way to rebuild. That said, Davies is a hard worker with a lot of talent, and I've long thought it a travesty that he hasn't got a cap yet. Apparently the plurality of England fans agree as well (a result I'm surprised by).

It's very unlikely that both our Bolton boys will get a run out tonight, but good luck to them regardless as well as the rest of my Three Lions!

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