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A Rather Tardy News Round Up

The first piece of news is quite obviously about our wonderful captain, Kevin Davies earning his first cap. In a rather depressing goalless draw against Montenegro, Kev was brought on in the 69th minute for Peter Crouch. He did not score a goal, though he did earn a yellow card. Over all, it was probably a disappointing debut for Davies, though the fact that he got it in the first place is a little victory. The big man himself had the following to say:

"I've been working really hard in training and trying to make an impression and I think hopefully I've done that because obviously the manager threw me on for the last 20 minutes to try and win the game, which we didn't quite do. But I'm absolutely delighted to have won the cap."

In more Kevin Davies related news, he has founded his own charity in Bolton. It is called KiDs of Bolton, and will be officially launched tomorrow. It is to support disadvantaged children in Bolton, especially touching given Davies' own roots. His first pair of boots was a hand-me-down pair provided by his coach at the U-10 level, and dearest Kev wants to make sure other children are given the opportunity he was. Bless.

In other happenings, our loyal keeper Jussi Jaaskelainen briefly came out of international retirement in an emergency situation for Finland. He hung up his Finnish gloves last October, in hopes of lengthening his club career. On the subject Jussi said:

“It was great to go back and play but it was just a one-off game. When you are not travelling to the internationals, you feel much fresher.And I hope the club will benefit from that.”

In an incredibly self centered fashion, I do hope Jussi stays a club man. His days are already numbered, and playing for Finland would not help his case.

Lastly a bit of rather ridiculous transfer fodder. Inter have supposedly put together a £10 mil offer for none other than Gary Cahill. Now I rate Cahill as much as the next heavily biased Wanderers fan, but the lad is not worth £10 mil, nor does he belong at one of the top Italian clubs. I think given another season or two, he will move onto a bigger club (though probably for more around £5-6 mil) but not quite yet. Zat Knight will probably shed many a tear when he does leave.

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