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Kevin Davies Get the Call Up!

Yes Kevin dear, you are number 1.

Yes Kevin dear, you are number 1.

I have long been a huge Kevin Davies fan. I dare you to find a Bolton supporter who hasn't. He works hard for the team, creates chances, and doesn't waste those given to him. Over the past 7 years with the club, he has become Mr. Bolton, that player you think of when you think of Bolton. He is also however, not incredibly popular with the general footballing public. Davies' style of play doesn't fit with the flowing, elegant football of Chelsea or Barcelona, which is now held as the pinnacle of football.

There are, of course, other drawbacks to Kevin Davies. It is very true that he concedes many fouls which is dangerous at any level, let alone international (I will take this opportunity to point out that he has only gotten 1 red card in his career at Bolton though). He's no speed racer, and he's certainly no spring chicken. Now probably is not the ideal time for him to receive his first cap. Despite all that, I am still fully behind Davies' call up. He more than makes up for his drawbacks with his pure desire and passion, and he has got quite a bit of skill on him as well. I have tried to keep my Kevin-Davies-tinted-glasses off for this post, but I will end on a completely and utterly biased note. My first reaction to the news: it's about bloody time.