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Everton v. Bolton

This guy. He's back.

This guy. He\'s back.

This is a fixture that always scares me, with good reason really. Bolton haven't even scored a goal at Goodison Park since 2005. However, the Everton of late has not been particularly ruthless. They sit 3 places behind us, though that's only a 1 point difference. Everton have made a habit of drawing, even when they deserve a win, a problem Bolton is not unfamiliar with. Both managers will see this as a match to win, which should produce a competitive, entertaining match.

Everton are unbeaten in their last six matches, and David Moyes is fresh off Manager of the Month for October. This a team with growing confidence after a less than awe-inspiring start. This added to the return of a certain afro'd Belgian man, will make this a tough match. Everton are a real ball moving team, and it will be crucial to break up their rhythm in the midfield. Tim Cahill is an obvious man to watch, being their leading goal scorer, and arguably their best player. Defensive discipline, proper marking, and good communication may prove our downfall.

All that Everton praise said, Bolton aren't looking too bad either. Our performance against Spurs last week was nothing short of amazing. We played well as a team, and our wonderful captain had an amazing game that demonstrated exactly why he deserves that England cap. The less lauded Steinsson also had an amazing game, making Gareth Bale look distinctly average, and getting forward well. It's up to Coyle's coaching skills at this point to inspire our players to keep it up. And if there's one thing Coyle's shown he can do, it's inspire players. Look to the much improved Elmander, Muamba, and even Paul Robinson.

Once again, I'm optimistic for this match. Everton are a good side, but they aren't significantly better than us (despite what some of their fans might think). I will be missing it, but your other Bolton Offsider can catch the match, so keep an eye out for his match report!