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Bolton v. Tottenham

62163284After facing the Big Four's fallen darling Liverpool last week, this round we face the team that ousted them last season, Tottenham. Harry Redknapp has certainly done a number on them, famously taking them from bottom to the top. Our second to last game against Spurs was actually one of the very few excellent matches under Megson last season. While, results wise, our recent record against Spurs isn't fantastic, we do tend to raise our game, and it is usually an entertaining match. It will be a good place to showcase our new style of play, which has slipped away a bit recently.

All that optimism aside, it must be said Spurs have looked quite good recently. Their Champion's League outings have proven successful with a certain Gareth Bale running riot over Maicon, who is considered one of the best right backs in the world. It will definitely be a huge game for Steinsson, although Bale probably won't be able to maintain the pace he had midweek. We have yet to really see where Redknapp's priority lies, if he will take it easy on the weekend to shine in Europe. Luckily for us, Van der Vaart won't be playing and Bale will certainly be knackered. This won't be a full strength Spurs side.

Bolton on the other hand will be pretty much full strength. Petrov, who sat out last weekend due to a hamstring, will be returning, giving Coyle quite the selection challenge. Matty Taylor played quite well last weekend, but Petrov has shone this whole season. To me it comes down to whether Coyle wants to hurl absolutely everything at them, or have a little more defensive cover. Petrov has looked superior in terms of crosses and general attacking play, but he doesn't get back to help Paul Robinson at all. While I am worried about the susceptibility of our defense, after all we haven't kept a clean sheet since the opening day, this is a game where our attack needs to put it all out there.

I do think we have a chance of getting a result, it is at home and we're not that bad. As always it deppends on who shows up, and if they decide to play the whole game. Whatever happens, I can pretty much guarantee an entertaining game. It will be on television in both the UK and thew US on Sky and ESPN respectively. Get up, watch it. It'll be good.