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Manchester City 1-0 Bolton

cahill tevezWell, we had to lose at some point I suppose. After an unbeaten November, the first game of December brings us a lackluster loss. As losses go, there have definitely been worse. We didn't deserve a win, but we didn't play hopelessly either, and despite having roughly 86 minutes to put the game away, City never converted one of their myriad chances. It was a sobering game after the highs we've seen this season, but it was not a disaster. Here are some good highlights if you missed the match.

The first and only goal of the match came just 4 minutes in, with a beautifully timed run from Tevez. Jussi came out, but in the end couldn't properly shut Tevez down, and the ball slipped past him. It was undoubtedly a bad way to start the game for the Wanderers, and while we were never fully out of the game, City dominated for most of the half. While we did put together several attacks, none were particularly convincing. The second half was a similar story, with Bolton on the back foot for most of the game. City put together some nice passing plays, and took some dangerous shots.

The tide did turn a little after the sending off of Aleksandar Kolarov for a ridiculous tackle on my darling Sam Ricketts, however it was too little too late, and City held on for all 3 points. In all honesty, we didn't even deserve a draw. City were the better side, and Bolton looked directionless. It's frightening the amount we miss Stu Holden, our midfield is completely lost without him. While I knew he was playing well before his injury, I didn't realise just how vital he is to the team until he was out. Which is always the way isn't it? Mark Davies certainly has a large role to grow into. Hopefully Stu will be back next week, because although we're still in 6th, we desperately need to get our momentum back.