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Liverpool 2-0 Bolton

Well um that was a wee bit disappointing. As you may have read I had high hopes coming into this match. I even taunted one of my Scouse friends on Friday, telling him he better get himself ready to share the points. On Saturday evening he replied "Hehehehehehehe." This was obviously rather disappointing, as Vital Bolton said: "There wasn't much to write about regarding Bolton's defeat at Liverpool. Perform fairly well in the first half. Concede a rubbish goal. Don't turn up for the second half. End of summary." I mentioned in my preview that maybe, just maybe, we could end our 56 year not-winning streak at Anfield, and that I thought we should be able to get points off of them. Oh well. This isn't the worst defeat ever.

The obvious issue with Liverpool this season has been their inconsistency. Before the season started I was backing them to be big title contenders, saying maybe this is their season, and some games they have looked like a Premiership winning team. But there have been those pesky days when they don't even look like a Championship winning team, including the game right before Bolton's, a goalless draw at Molineux.

Unfortunately Wolves faced a very different Liverpool team than Bolton got, and i have complete faith that if Bolton had played that game we would've gone home with 3 points in our pockets. But we got a good Liverpool (at least in spurts) and we didn't play very well ourselves. In the end, as Coyle rightly points out:

"The games against Liverpool and Arsenal won’t be the ones we have to win in order to stay up. We can get those extra points from them, but we have to beat the teams in and around us."

Still, I know on our day we could beat Liverpool (providing it wasn't also their day of course). I'm moving on form this game, as we have a very important fixture this weekend against Fulham at the Reebok. I think this will be a real test to see what the "new" Bolton will be. Coyle's had aout a month with the team, the chance to make some new signings, and already faced some tough opposition. Fulham are an alright team, by no means poor, but also a team that we have a good chances of beating if we play the way I know we can. Anyway I'll be back with a Transfer Month wrap-up, and preview later in the week, til then.